An expert team

We specialize in garment restoration and quality control, and offer a wide spectrum of services including prototyping, drop tests, mending and second processing. We follow rigorous operational processes to ensure a high standard of quality.

Years of experience with sewing, fabrics and textiles transferred easily to making reusable, washable, surgical-grade masks, fully certified with a focus on superior quality. Our masks are proudly Made in Italy, representing excellence, quality and dedication to craft.

Un'équipe esperta di tessuti

Commitment to quality

Our philosophy is simple: make quality the priority in everything we do, from ironing and restoration to material selection and QC. We guarantee punctual delivery and efficient service to all of our customers.

Our qualified team is always available to our clients. Quality and dedication live in harmony within our organization. We are an indispensable partner for excellent companies operating in the textile, fashion and clothing industry.

Ninfea srl reparto riparazioni e confezioni

United against Covid-19

We’ve dedicated part of our production line to the manufacture of type II surgical and washable protective masks, approved by the Italian Institute of Health and CE certified.

Proudly Made in Italy, our masks have passed strict quality controls, to meet the needs caused by the Covid-19.

Uniti contro l'emergenza-1