Washing Machine

Machine-wash at a temperature of 60°C using household detergent and an appropriate measure of bleach. After washing, dry the mask in the dryer at the maximum available temperature. Alternatively, lay the mask flat and leave it to dry in the sun.


By hand

Option 1

Mix 4 liters of cold water with 5 tablespoons of bleach. Make sure the bleach is intended for disinfection, as some bleach products, like those used for colored clothing, are not suitable. Do not mix bleach with ammonia or any other household cleaner.

Soak the mask for 10-15 minutes before thoroughly rinsing it with cool or room temperature water. Allow it to air dry in the sun.

Option 2

Prepare a hydroalcoholic solution with 70% alcohol (Bioalcohol) and 30% water. Spray the product on both sides of the mask, including the elastic bands. Do not wet it too much- overwetting it will facilitate deterioration of the materials. Allow the solution to act on the mask for about 30 minutes, letting it air dry.

Option 3

In a small wash bucket half-filled with water, add 1 liter of hydrogen peroxide and 400 grams of borax. Soak the mask for 15-30 minutes. After that, rinse thoroughly with water and wash in the washing machine at 60° C.

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